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Why BTI?

Buying real estate  never goes seamlessly.  One thing or another always delays the closing. Minimize delays by knowing who your title insurance company before making an offer on a property.

Independent Tile Insurance companies are the best.

At BTI, we do ONE THING: Real estate title insurance. Combined, our processors have over 50 years of experience and have never missed a deadline, even in the height of the real estate booms. We have also never had a complaint. Why? We are a seasoned, expert and independent title insurance company. We are bonded and licensed in the state of Maryland and a member of ALTA. Because we are independent of any broker, developer or mortgage company, we have no conflicts of interest and have one dedicated purpose: To serve our clients at the highest ethical standards. That is why BTI is better.

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What clients say

BTI saved us a nice amount $$. Our mortgage company’s in-house
TI cost twice as much.
-J. Owens. Baltimore home owner

We are a small broker specializing in townhouses in Baltimore.
We refer all of clients to BTI.
-T. Barlow, Real Estate Agent

As a house flipper, we have used BTI 12 times so far. No issues yet,
and we’re looking at two more properties that we’ll hire BTI for.
-K. Reily